Packaged Piston Compressor Systems

GEA piston compressor packages, designed for cooling and freezing applications in medium and larger sized industrial applications, are famous for their simple straight forward installation and long life time. Sophisticated programs support our worldwide sales team, to design the optimum package for the job. A typical GEA Grasso piston compressor package comprises: efficient oil separators, low maintenance V-belt or direct coupling drive line, a sturdy base frame for various engine room layouts and latest technology electronic systems for general control, safety and indication of upcoming maintenance intervals. High efficient VSD modules are available to maximize package efficiency & life time.

At least 60% of all compressors produced at GEA Grasso are turned in to a package before they leave the factory. The choice of components to fi t on and around the compressor is huge and the fact that all required components are factory fitted gives the contractor the advantage that he can concentrate for 100% on the erection of the refrigeration plant.

Direct drive or V belt drive arrangements are available for all compressors. The introduction of high power inverters in combination with maintenance free couplings gives the customer nowadays the opportunity to positive influence his energy and
maintenance costs. The extreme low oil carryover, related to the design of the compressor is on cooling applications even less that 10 ppm and gives the customer the opportunity to execute a compressor package with or without an oil separator, depending on their demands. Learn More about GEA Packaged Piston Compressors HERE

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