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FES Midwest is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial refrigeration installations through the Midwest United States. From design, to installation, and ongoing service, you can rely on us as a turnkey solution for all of your refrigeration needs. Our team of experts has years of experience providing tailored solutions with a quality line of products to meet our clients’ needs.

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Carnot Refrigeration: Industrial Transcritical CO2

Located in Trois-Rivieres, QC Carnot Refrigeration is the industry leader of Transcritical CO2 for industrial applications. FES Midwest is the exclusive representative for Industrial Transcritical CO2 including: Aquilon Chillers, Aquilon Industrial, Aquilon DS, and Aquilon Heat Pump lines throughout the entirety of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

FES News & Updates
Red Genium Heatpump Front Tcm11 57608 W710

GEA Red heat pumps combine the potential of
heat pump technology with the natural refrigerant
ammonia. The result? Industrial heat pumps that are
designed to be environmentally friendly and efficient.
And there is more: accurately configured, high-end
components offer high availability, reliability and
longevity. This makes them a future-proof investment,
especially in the face of ever-stricter guidelines on
energy consumption, environmental compatibility
and greenhouse gases

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