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Vertex - By Baltimore Aircoil

Introducing the latest innovation in evaporative condenser technology, the Vertex™ by Baltimore Aircoil®: 

Derived from the industry leading VCA style (forced draft, axial fan) model, the Vertex™ boasts several new and improved design features. Notable features include:

1. EC Fan System

◦ Premium efficient inverter duty direct-drive motors (no belts, shafts or sheaves)

◦ 100% drivetrain reliability ensuring trouble free operation

◦ Reduced power consumption vs. AC+VFD design

◦ Ground level access

2. Ease of Maintenance/Safest Accessability 

◦ New pre-assembled OSHA compliant platforms/ladders

◦ 68″ full size door (BAC exclusive) as well as 2nd door for entry/exit (optional)

3. Lowest Installation(Potential net 30% savings)/Maintenance Costs (Potential net 50% savings)

◦ Install each cell in 15 minutes or less

◦ Full factory wiring (optional)

◦ Easy-to-clean basins require 30% less operating volume


First Orders Accepted: December 18th, 2018
First Units Shipped: March 1st, 2018

To learn more about the Vertex™ or to discuss other unique solutions tailor made to fit your projects design, give us a call at (847) 516-0158